Florida sports betting

Florida sports betting

Ready to welcome the world of Florida sports betting? In our guide, we will inform you how you can get started with Florida sports betting as well as which online sports betting FL operator are the best. Furthermore, we will look at basics like managing your bankroll, reading types, and some other simple suggestions.

Compare Florida sports betting

When it comes to Florida sports betting, there are a few things you should master, regardless of the sport or sports you intend to bet on. Learning how the signup process works for most Florida sports betting sites, as well as gathering a list of safe sports betting sites in Florida.

Beyond this, you should have a decent understanding of how betting works, including how to manage your bankroll, read odds, and a few basic betting strategies.

Guide for sports betting Florida


Before you can even place bets, you need to do a few things:

  • Research sports betting Florida sites you think you might use
  • Choose one and sign up for at least one online betting FL site
  • Make your first deposit
  • Make your first bet

These do need to be done in a specific order, but the entire process is straightforward, and each step rolls into the next one for sports betting Florida options.

Research online sports betting Florida options

Gather a list of online sports betting Florida operators that you think will work well for you, and then do a bit of background research to verify a few things. (If you need help with a starter list, there is one provided on this page.)

They should be both licensed and regulated in Florida. Choosing a sports betting Florida site like this provides you with the safety and security you need when handling finances.

Oftentimes offshore betting websites do not protect your transactions as well, and if something did happen, you would have little assurance of ever seeing the money again.

Safe sports betting Florida operators

If you are using Google Chrome, a quick way to check if a sports betting Florida site is secure is to look to the lock symbol at the left of the address bar. Clicking on this will open up the site information and its security status.

They should also cover the sports and types of bets you want to place, so make sure you have a decent idea of what you need them to offer. When in doubt, choose one that seems to have great offerings on both. This gives you room to grow, and you have some assurance that the sports you enjoy will be covered.

The last thing you should check is what banking methods they offer. Most sports betting Florida operators do a decent job of offering basics like debit or credit cards, ACH, and e-wallets, but you should not assume they will have what you need.

Sports betting Florida sign ups

Signing up with sports betting Florida sites is very straightforward, and the entire process is usually completed in fifteen minutes. If your account needs more verification, this extends the time to about 24 hours.

To use sports betting Florida sign ups, you will need the following information:

  • Personal information, like your full name and date of birth
  • Contact information
  • A government-issued photo ID
  • Your social security number
  • Proof of home address (like a utility bill)

Once you input the information, they should let you know whether they need more information. This is normal, so do not fret. Simply provide whatever extra documents they request, and you should hear back within a day.

If it seems like they need a lot of sensitive information, it is because they do. Sports betting Florida sites are licensed and regulated by the state are required to verify your identity, including age and physical location.

Failing to do so could result in some serious complications. However, as long as you are putting this information into a secure site, it should not be a problem, just like signing up for a new bank account.

First deposit for sports betting in Florida

Before you can start on the new betting site in FL, you need to fund your account. Most sports betting in Florida operators will offer at least one of the following deposit methods:

  • Debit or credit cards (usually Visa or Mastercard)
  • ACH/eCheck
  • E-wallets (like PayPal or Skrill)
  • Prepaid cards
  • Online bill pay
  • Wire transfers
  • Cash payments (in certain locations)

Choose a method that is offered and convenient for you. Debit or credit transactions are the most similar to other online transactions, but some banks do not allow gaming or sports betting in Florida transactions. If you have any issues, just try one of the other methods offered or call your bank.

If your welcome bonus is a deposit match, take the time to ensure you deposit as much as is needed to get the full reward. For example, a 20% deposit match up to $100 requires an initial $500 deposit to reach its full potential.

Make your first sports betting in Florida move

When you place your first sports betting in Florida bet, you should keep your welcome offer in mind. Florida sportsbooks that promise a risk-free first bet usually require you to bet a minimum amount or bet within certain odds.

Other than that, choose a bet that you feel comfortable placing. You should have adequate knowledge to back up your prediction and a decent understanding of how the bet works.

If you are not sure what bet type you should start with, most sports betting in Florida operators have some sort of offering in the way of:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Props

When in doubt, a moneyline bet on who you think will win is the safest way to go.

Best Florida online sports betting sites


Not only are these licensed to operate in the state, but they have some of the best offerings all around. The best Florida online sports betting qualified for sports betting are:

FOX Bet online sports betting site

FOX Bet Florida has a $500 risk-free bet welcome offer and plenty of betting options. With such competitive odds, you can’t go wrong using this betting site.

BetRivers online betting site

BetRivers Florida has a $250 deposit match that will give you more flexibility in using your funds. Their odds are in line with competitors, and the BetRivers customer support team is always spoken highly of.

BetMGM sports betting site

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, you can sign up with BetMGM Florida and unlock a $600 risk-free bet. In addition, both the website and the application have an intuitive user interface, making navigation a breeze.

DraftKings betting site

DraftKings Florida provides a hefty $1000 deposit match that gives you a great boost when you are starting with Florida sports betting promos. They are also one of the sites that love diving into novel betting options, so you can have access to unique bet types before any other one thinks to put them out.

FanDuel sports betting site

FanDuel Florida provides a $1,000 risk-free bet, and they offer a wider variety of sports and betting types. In addition, the FanDuel mobile app is one of the best-designed applications out there, making them a great choice for those who want to stick to mostly mobile betting.

Tips for FL sports betting


Having a system for managing your bankroll before you start your FL sports betting is essential for long-term success. Betting on a whim is an easy way to get carried away and not have a clear idea of what is working with you.

If you are not yet confident with your FL sports betting abilities, there is no shame in starting small. You can always increase your bankroll as you gain experience. The easiest ways to manage your bankroll include setting reasonable limits on your FL sports betting and tracking your spending habits.

Set a limit for FL sports betting

Your bankroll should only include funds that you can go without. This means that you need to look at your finances and make sure basic needs are covered before allocating any funds to your bankroll.

Many FL sports bettors limit the amount that they spend because it makes it easier to budget. They will offer responsible gaming measures to keep you on track by putting a cap on your deposits and withdrawals weekly or monthly.

By setting a limit, you ensure you do not blow your budget on FL sports betting, but you are also encouraged to make better betting decisions. For example, if you only have a small portion of your bankroll left to bet, you are less likely to throw into a wager without thinking about it first.

So, for fast payouts in Florida this can be essential since you get your cash fast and they arent in the betting account for you to spend.

Track spending habits for sports betting FL

Keeping track of your sports betting FL habits, whether you win or lose, and how much you win or lose can help you in a few areas.

This information is essential to understanding whether your betting methods are working. For example, you might look back and realize that you are not as great at predicting prop bets as you thought, and you can either adjust your strategies or move to a different bet instead of continuing to waste your funds on these bets.

You can also look and get a better understanding of which sports betting FL bets are making you the most money. Depending on the information you record, you can go as far as looking at which betting site you use the most and which ones give you the best winnings.

How to bet in Florida


Reading odds for FL online sports betting may not be as straightforward as other things, but it is easy to get a general idea. Most of the types describe the idea of how to bet in Florida. For starters, you can look at the sports market available.

American odds for online betting Florida sites

American odds are written using a positive or negative sign at online betting Florida sites. A positive sign indicates that that line is the underdog, and the following number is the amount you could win by betting $100 on them. A negative sign indicates the line that is favored to win, and the number that follows is the amount you need to bet to potentially win $100.

For example, if Team A has odds of +130 and Team B has odds of -120, you should already know that:

  • Team A is the underdog
  • You can win $130 by betting $100 on Team A
  • Team B is favored to win
  • You need to bet $120 to win $100 on Team B

You can also bet at online betting Florida sites for increments smaller than $100 as long as you reach any minimum bet requirements. Your winnings are then adjusted to that ratio.

Basic online betting Florida info

The strategies you use will differ depending on the sport you are betting on, but you can employ these online betting Florida strategies with most sports.

Bet on the Florida market

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned bettor, the moneyline is a quick and easy way to place winning bets. In most cases, you can do enough research to determine who the winner will be, so placing these bets is a breeze.

Moneylines also have predictable odds, so they are easy to budget and estimate winnings. As a result, they make for a great staple when it comes to bets of any type.

Learn when to bet against the public

In certain cases, you may notice that odds start to lean in a direction you are not expecting, and this may make you question your decision. For example, it can be difficult to bet against public opinion.

Double-check your reasoning for betting in this direction, and then move forward with the bet if you are still confident. Betting against public opinion can be one of the most lucrative ways to bet.

Specialize in one sport first

Before you spread yourself thin, take the time to master one sport. By doing this, you can learn all the ins and outs of betting without needing to pay attention to multiple sports situations, ths can also be applied to betting on sports events in Florida.

This should not be too disruptive to your betting plans if your sports of choice occur in separate seasons. If you think you can handle more than one at a time, then you are free to do so; just pay extra attention to ensure that you do not lack in any area.

FAQ’s About sports betting Florida

Can I make money on sports betting in Florida?

The amount of money you make on sports betting in Florida depends on a few things. While it is entirely possible to make money on sports betting in Florida, you should not quit your day job when you start betting. Betting is not considered a secure form of income.

Should I pay for sports betting tips in FL?

It is generally a bad idea to pay for sports betting tips, but there are a few instances when it works out. Make sure you cross-examine every website before you deem it legitimate.

What does “vig” mean for sports betting in Florida?

“Vig” is short for vigorish (also known as “juice”). This is the amount that the betting site takes as commission so that they can keep their business running. This number is usually already factored into the bet, so you should not have anything else to pay on top of the initial amount.

Why do odds vary between Florida sports betting sites?

Odds tend to stay the same between sites because they use the same information to calculate them, but this information is often up to interpretation. So when you see different odds between two of them, there is a chance that the oddsmakers interpreted the information differently, resulting in different chances of winning.

Is live betting much different than traditional betting?

Live betting encompasses the same basic betting types, but you do experience more of a rush from live betting. This is because you need to make decisions fast, usually within seconds, just to lock in certain odds on a bet.